The sectors we work with are many and varied, spanning everything from education and the leisure industry through to transport operators, police forces and the prison service. At React Specialist Cleaning we have the transferable expertise, real-world experience and technical hardware to work within any industry where there’s a need for specialist cleaning or decontamination.

The depth of our expertise and breadth of our operations means we’re able to tackle a huge range of cleaning and decontamination projects wherever and whenever they arise.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our on-call teams of security-checked technicians have all the knowledge, equipment and mobility to successfully solve the most demanding cleaning problems anywhere in the UK and at a moment’s notice.

Ducting and Fan Cleaning
Clinical / Non-Clinical Waste Disposal
Fly Tipping Clears
High Level Cleaning
Roadside / Layby Deep Cleans
Transit Area Deep Cleans
Sharp Search and Removal
Animal / Human Fatality Management
Pigeon Guano Removal / Anti Bird Services

Hazardous / Non Hazardous Waste Removal
Fire Damage
Fluid Spills
Graffitti Removal / Protection
Industrial Equipment Cleaning
Firing Range Deep Clean
Platform and Track Decontamination
Forensic Cleaning
Clearance of Needles / Paraphernalia from Public Spaces


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