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How trusted cleaning expertise can help alleviate post-pandemic fear

Updated: Apr 4

Covid-19 changed everyone’s cleaning habits, but in the time since face masks were discarded, standards in many sectors have dropped, causing new anxieties to surface. 

post-pandemic cleaning best practice: a face mask and lettering reading Don't Panic

Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

It’s not so long ago that wiping down shopping trolleys, freezing items to ‘kill germs’ and scrubbing hands with ultra-sanitising soap was second-nature. It’s easy to recall when bleaching everything and anything was a global pastime and the shortage of antibacterial hand gel caused total hysteria. The impact of Covid-19 on cleaning in the UK was multifaceted, affecting both domestic cleaning habits and the commercial cleaning industry as a whole. A serious refocus on sanitation led most businesses to increase cleaning frequencies and make use of specialist decontamination methods that they’d never dreamt would be necessary. Professional cleaning personnel were hailed ‘unsung heroes’ for risking their health to keep businesses - and to an extent, the country - up and running.


The future of cleaning, post-pandemic, was expected to remain intrinsic and stringent - our sister brand, Fidelis, published a blog foretelling the need for preventative, not reactive strategies if standards were to be suitably maintained. Not surprisingly, the increased focus on hygiene and surge in sales of cleaning products has continued well beyond lockdown, with many still utilising the robust practices they took up during the pandemic. However, it appears that some sectors have inadvertently taken a backward step in relation to their health and safety activities, despite the lessons that were learned during this time. Whether it’s complaisance, the desire to return to normality or simply lack of awareness, some serious oversights have occurred, resulting in substandard cleaning and reinfections - the like of which is bringing about new apprehensions, and can only be effectively tackled by qualified experts.

Why have cleaning standards dropped?

Although Covid-19 heightened hygiene awareness across all sectors in the UK, reduced budgets, financial pressures and staff shortages have contributed to compromised cleaning practices. For instance, research published as recently as November 2023 revealed that the common disinfectants some hospitals were using to kill superbugs like Clostridium difficile were in fact as ineffectual as water and unknowingly placed susceptible people at risk.


Other businesses have experienced inadequate cleaning provision - in one case, a contractor failed to meet national standards and ‘contributed to a ‘large spike in hospital-acquired infections’. Most alarmingly perhaps, NHS England admitted to the Covid-19 public inquiry that too few staff, consequently reducing the opportunity for appropriate training, seriously undermines its response to further crises. A valid point given that evolving variants continue to make people ill (as at December 2023, the ‘estimated prevalence’ of Covid in England and Scotland was 4.2% - that’s 2.5m individuals or one in 24 people).


It’s little wonder that people are becoming anxious again and starting to look for reliable cleaning solutions. We’re proud that the REACT Group, which includes Fidelis and LaddersFree, can offer more than just reliability for our customers. 

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How your cleaning partner can minimise post-pandemic fear

Not all cleaning companies are created equal; it’s not simply about the methods and products used, it’s also about having empathy, foresight and the understanding that post-pandemic fear has affected people in different ways, and adapting an approach as appropriate. A term which covers many aspects, one of the most prominent post-pandemic fears is the worry that another health crisis may occur, which has, in some cases, induced obsessive cleaning. Bringing in a reputable expert with a proven track record not only enhances hygiene standards, but also helps to alleviate such anxieties. Here’s what a trusted cleaning partner should offer: 

1) Delivers preventative cleaning regimes

We’ve always been convinced that post-pandemic cleaning calls for preventative action using barrier products. This relates to the application of a surface coating which remains for up to 90 days and upon which bacteria, viruses and other bugs cannot live. Regular application can provide relief for concerned business owners and facilities managers. This is just one of the preventative cleaning methodologies that can maintain a premises’s condition. Periodic deep cleaning keeps on top of the task, reducing maintenance and mitigating damage caused by dirt. If needed, infection control cleaning can be used to test for and tackle harmful pathogens. Knowledge of the latest products and techniques is what sets a great cleaning partner apart from the rest. Learn more about REACT’s services on our website.  

2) Nurtures the best, trained professionals

It’s crucial that cleaning staff are equipped with up-to-date training, techniques and technology in order to deliver a high standard cleaning service which removes tasks - and the danger of hygiene mistakes - from a business’s own employees. Ensuring that individuals have the tools they need also promotes personal job satisfaction and pride in a job well done. A cliché, but it’s true: our people make our business and that’s why we want them to feel happy, supported and valued. These are the people who are carrying out superbug decontamination, so they need to feel safe and confident themselves. That’s why our comprehensive training programmes, as Fidelis puts it, encourage team members to take responsibility for their work, their performance and ultimately, the customer’s happiness. Read more about our Fidelis’s fantastic team. 

3) Understands the impact of sparkling external areas

Never underestimate the importance of window, guttering and signage cleaning on a business’s success. Curb appeal is vital for attracting customers, especially those that might still feel uneasy after lockdown. Presenting a gleaming exterior suggests the interior is reassuringly maintained to similarly clean standards and creates a positive atmosphere. The qualified team at LaddersFree, which names Prezzo and Lidl among its clients, is equipped to work at height using rope access or mobile platforms, which means atriums, internal glass and mirrors and canopies can also receive the clean treatment. Discover more about LaddersFree’s expertise.  

4) Protects your brand

Businesses suffered immeasurably due to lockdown and preventing any such closures from taking place again - for whatever reason - must be a priority. A great cleaning company should work with you to tailor a solution which not only guarantees cleanliness standards, but focuses on keeping downtime to a minimum, to avoid disruption, financial loss and any negative publicity. We operate 24/7, 365 a year and can address incidents before employees and customers are on site, further protecting your brand reputation.  

5) Protects your people

Not all businesses can offer remote working, so it’s important that employees feel safe in their place of employment. Regular window cleaning allows better light quality, boosting morale, productivity and wellbeing. Deep cleans improve indoor air quality due to a reduction in grime and dust. While the Government mandated specialist cleaning, as Fidelis explains, prior to a general return to work, daily housekeeping plus barrier regimes provide ongoing reassurance that shared spaces are clean and staff won’t be exposed to risk by simply turning up to work. This is important for employers, whose duty of care it is to promote positive mental health.

6) Offers a comprehensive, ‘one-stop-shop’ cleaning options

6) Offers a comprehensive, ‘one-stop-shop’ cleaning options

Knowing that your cleaning contractor can offer a joined-up, holistic approach provides great peace of mind. To truly alleviate anxieties, it’s sensible to find a partner that can cover all bases, rather than seek out multiple providers. We’ve worked hard to attain ‘trusted partner’ status among our clients, which include Network Rail, the NHS, DPD and B&M, but have done so by being their ‘one-stop-shop’ on all cleaning requirements. One point of contact, no hassle and exceeding expectations means clients have confidence in a cleaning partner that can really deliver - and deliver it all. That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all response, our approach is always to find a bespoke solution which combines experience, knowledge and the latest techniques to remove the worry from our clients’ minds. They deserve nothing less.


Covid-19 has caused long-lasting effects, both physically and mentally, and continues to do so. While the world slowly recovers, it’s worth remembering that the illness itself isn’t going away and poses a health threat to businesses daily. However, by partnering with the right cleaning contractor; by using the right techniques and taking advantage of the right experience, these threats can be mitigated, if not banished. High cleaning standards can be achieved and maintained when in the (well-scrubbed) hands of the experts.


We’d love to hear about your concerns and share how our services might put your mind at rest. Get in touch to find out more and learn how we deliver an exceptional service for our clients. 





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