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Tried and tested cleaning with our school cleaning service

School Cleaning from React Specialist Cleaning
Ad hoc or Contract School Cleaning by React Specialist Cleaning

Last week marked that important watershed week of the year: back to school. Now that the summer holiday is well and truly over, the dust has started to settle on the autumn term. But here at React Specialist Cleaning, we don’t like the dust to settle anywhere. And that’s why we work with local authorities, academy chains and private education institutions in schools, colleges and universities. Whether it’s a regular janitorial cleaning programme, or responding to an emergency cleaning assignment, we’re here to keep places of education clean.

The education sector is a vital part of the UK economy

We all know that education institutions are a key part of the fabric of the country. Across the UK, there are currently 32,113 schools, of which 2,381 are independent schools, 1,256 special schools and 351 pupil referral units. In terms of educational level, 20,925 are primary schools and 4,168 are secondary schools. Together, these schools educate a total of 10.3 million young people, and employ upwards of a million teaching and support staff. In addition there are 300 further education colleges and 130 universities, jointly educating around a million people more.

We’ve done the maths and there are some staggering statistics. Across all these educational institutions, we calculate there are over 12 million desks and chairs to keep clean in classrooms and lecture halls. There are a smaller number of tables, chairs and benches in dining halls across the sector, but these still run into the millions. And don’t get us started on the number of toilets and sinks in all those washrooms too. Suffice to say, it’s a daunting task that needs a safe pair of gloved hands to complete.

Particular steps which need to be taken for school and university cleaning

As specialist cleaners who are no strangers to the education sector, we take a lot of important considerations into account. Keeping schools and places of education clean and presentable means having fully vetted and accredited staff. We deploy staff members who are available to undertake regular scheduled cleaning outside school hours. And we use products that leave minimal residue for developing bodies and minds.

We also need to be on hand 24/7/365 for any immediate, ad hoc or emergency cleaning requirements that may arise. Our paramount concern is always ensuring the safety of students and teaching staff with minimal disruption to learning and teaching respectively. Health and safety for places of education is especially important, given the fact that children are especially prone to certain diseases. So we can minimise the risks of pathogens spreading with our Infection Control Service too.

Whatever and wherever the job, places of education can rely on us to keep their students and staff safe and their learning environment healthy. At the start of a new academic year, schools can work us into their timetables to keep things clean throughout the year.

Contact one of the team today to find out more about our school cleaning and education institution cleaning service, whether that’s a regular job or an emergency.

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Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the Managing Director of React Specialist Cleaning. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sectors.


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