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Last Updated 21 January 2021  


React Specialist Cleaning provides a one-stop-shop for their clients and are the extreme cleaning company that goes beyond the everyday to tackle cleaning problems that non-specialists just can’t cope with. From hotels to prisons, crime scenes to cruise ships, public spaces to private hospitals, we do what others can’t do – going beyond cleaning.  As a leading Specialist Cleaning company, React Specialist Cleaning has a strong commitment to the prevention of pollution, the safeguarding of the environment and public health whilst carrying out our trading activities.


The Directors, Senior Management Team and employees are committed to an effective environmental management system (based on ISO 14001: 2015 standard) that will help React Specialist Cleaning accomplish its strategic business objectives.

To that end, React Specialist Cleaning shall:

  • Commit to the prevention of pollution, reduction of waste, the reduction of consumable resources, and the promotion of recycling.

  • Commit to comply with all applicable current legislation and other environmental requirements to which the company subscribes.

  • Commit to promote environmental sustainability and continual improvement to our suppliers and sub-contractors.

  • Strive to continually improve the environmental management through setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

  • Communicate all pertinent environmental issues and their environmental responsibilities to employees.

  • Make the environmental programme an integral part of current and changing business strategies.


Implementing and communicating this policy and making it available to our customers in response to request and inquiries are primary management objectives.


The scope of certification for the React Specialist Cleaning EMS is

“Delivery of Specialist Cleaning and Decontamination Services”

Shaun Doak

Chief Executive Officer                                                    Dated: 21/01/2021

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