REACT's fully vetted specialist cleaning teams are available 24/7 for facilities management (FM) companies on a contract or ad hoc basis.


​There are many requirements for specialist cleaning services for FM companies operating in different sectors. Outsourcing to expert suppliers for these tasks can free up in-house resources to prioritise other business areas. From infection control cleaning to high-level and ductwork services, from graffiti and sharps removal to void property decontamination, we offer value-for-money and proven expertise.

Where we do it

We work with some of the leading FM companies across Great Britain. Our services include cleaning for prisons, hospitals, offices, council buildings, commercial and industrial premises, schools and colleges, and road and rail networks.

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Why use React?

Sector-specific safety standards require deep specialist knowledge, and React is an industry leader. We work with facilities managers and businesses across Great Britain.

React Specialist Cleaning BS-EN-ISO 9001

Highly rated for speed and quality. BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018.

Security cleared and Properly equipped t

Security cleared, highly trained and fully equipped.

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£20 million of relevant insurance cover.

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Staff are medically fit and fully immunised.

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Licensed Waste Carrier

ISO14001 Environmental Management.

Facilities Management cleaning services in detail below...

If you can't see the service you require, please call us on 01283 550 503.


REACT provides the highest standards of cleanliness for all areas of workshops and depots and loading bays.

There are many different areas that need regular and ad hoc cleaning. Depot floors can become heavily soiled, notably with oil, engine fluids, and other spillages. These require specialist treatments to remove them, with proper disposal of waste for good environmental management.

We’ll help maintain air hygiene, which is of critical concern for many facilities managers. And we won’t overlook cleaning any public car parks to maintain the company image and a safe working environment.



Undertaking effective cleaning or areas in hard to reach places at height such as ducting, suspended ceilings or reception areas requires specialist expertise and equipment with an absolute focus on ensuring safety at all times. 


Our specialist operators are available 24/7 to undertake cleaning while working at height both in and outside of buildings to the highest standard to ensure premises look professional, visually appealing and compliant to legislation.



REACT has the expertise and the equipment to deal with ATEX explosive environment cleaning for FM companies. Our specialist ATEX cleaning teams are specially trained and wear anti-static clothing to comply with regulations.

We ensure that all our equipment for use in explosive atmospheres is Zone Rated and ATEX-approved. Whether we deploy pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, or air-powered jet washers, we’ll remove any potentially problematic particles before they build up.

Call us today to discuss your ATEX cleaning requirements.



We provide a wide array of specialist carpet and floor cleaning services.  Whether it is a localised area or an entire floor space, a regular scheduled clean, or a response to spillage, our fully vetted, experienced operators are available 24/7. 


We focus on three cleaning methods:

  • Hot water extraction cleaning (steam carpet and upholstery cleaning)

  • Foam encapsulation is an environmentally friendly approach as there is less chemical residue left behind.

  • Dry cleaning (compound cleaning) which we recommend for commercial spaces that need to operate 24/7, as disruption during cleaning is minimal.


We utilise common sense, innovation and leading products to consistently ensure professional, lasting results in short timescales at competitive rates.



Left unchecked pigeon guano and bird droppings present a genuine risk to health with potentially fatal consequences through inhalation of associated fungus.  Bird droppings are also highly corrosive capable of causing significant damage to both the structure and fabric of buildings.

Our specialist teams are available 24/7 anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales to undertake comprehensive cleaning of affected areas including the application of specialist treatments to guarantee bacteria and fungus is eradicated.  We can also provide solutions to prevent birdlife congregating in high numbers on buildings, avoiding the build-up of bird droppings before it becomes a problem.



Not only can graffiti look unsightly it can often be offensive and require urgent removal.  If your building or premises are subject to vandalism or graffiti, we provide a fast and effective response to treat and remove the affected areas. 


Our experienced fully vetted operatives are on hand at short notice 24/7 and equipped with the latest materials and tools to return the surfaces to their normal condition, ensuring minimal disruption and adherence to legislation.



REACT's specialist air hygiene team are highly experienced and skilled in the cleaning of all ductwork systems, Fire Damper testing and indoor air quality surveying. 


With coverage across the United Kingdom, we complete all work in accordance with BESA TR19 or BS9999:2017 to ensure client compliance. We work with NHS Trusts, commercial property landlords, local authorities, and in municipal buildings, including schools, railway operators and FM service providers.



REACT's team are available 24/7/365 to provide a fast, effective and lasting solution if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from flooding or sewage ingress.


Using advanced technology and equipment, our operators will remove excess water or waste and dry the premises as quickly as possible.  Once dry, we will use leading-edge materials to clean and disinfect the affected areas thoroughly, enabling you to return to home or work as quickly as possible.