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3 situations where FM companies need emergency cleaning

Even in the pandemic, FM companies need emergency cleaning, whether for flood and sewage damage, smoke damage, or hazardous waste spillage.

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In a crisis FM companies can rely on React for emergency cleaning.

For FM companies, cleaning during the pandemic has very much focused on making workplaces Covid-safe. They’ve introduced more extensive deep cleaning and decontamination protocols to limit the spread of the virus. We’ve looked in other blogs at how React’s commercial cleaning and infection control services address these issues. But just as at other times, FM companies can face situations that require emergency cleaning. In this blog we’re investigating three areas where React provides such a service: flood and sewage damage, smoke damage, and hazardous waste spillage.

FM emergency cleaning 1: flood and sewage clean-up

As the likelihood of extreme weather events across the UK increases, more FM companies have to deal with flood and sewage damage to their properties. In the event of a flood from whatever cause, it’s essential to take urgent action. Of course, water damage can be unsightly. But it also poses a potential risk to health, especially if there is raw or untreated sewage in the water. One way of limiting that damage in individual properties is to clean up quickly and thoroughly. React Specialist Cleaning is available every day of the year to provide a fast and effective solution to flooding or sewage ingress.

Our priority will always be to remove excess water and/or waste, to minimise the time that property spends underwater. Using advanced technology and equipment, our operators start by drying the premises. Once dry, we use leading-edge materials to clean and disinfect the affected areas thoroughly. We make every effort to save affected property, including furniture and fittings. And we enable our FM company clients to return to safe and hygienic work environments as quickly as possible.

FM emergency cleaning 2: smoke damage

FM companies work hard to reduce the risk of fire affecting their buildings. But sometimes, company premises may be damaged by fire or smoke, which is a harmful mixture of particles and gases. Smoke inhalation can be dangerous, inflaming the lungs and airways and causing swelling which blocks oxygen absorption. Even after the fire is over, lingering smoke damage and exposure to soot can be harmful to health. Prompt deep cleaning is vital for properties suffering smoke damage. This helps to address obvious damage, trapped soot and odours, and water and chemical damage from firefighting.

As experts in the field, we know to take the property as whole. Even if the fire was localised, smoke and soot can have travelled throughout the structure, affecting walls, carpet, upholstery and other items. Soot is oily and stains very easily so removing it is always a priority. We use a variety of different methods to completely eradicate soot and smells, including air blasting, pressure washing, steam cleaning and dry soot sponging. For walls, we use a cleaning product such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) while being careful not to oversaturate. With furniture, we’ll be thorough but gentle, to ensure that we don’t strip off any finishes or cause further damage. And for textiles, including carpets, we’ll focus on cleaning and de-odorising, as the smell of smoke can linger.

FM emergency cleaning 3: hazardous and biohazardous waste spillage

Removing waste is often part of our regular cleaning contracts. Our waste removal services cover the full range of materials, from waste that is going to landfill or can be recycled, through to hazardous and biohazardous waste. In the latter category, we can respond to emergencies at FM companies, where staff and customers may be exposed to hazardous materials representing an immediate risk to health.

For instance, many FM companies will use substances governed by COSHH regulations (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). A spillage of any COSHH-controlled substance often requires a specialist response to handle the clean-up and remove the waste which this generates. These situations require the fastest levels of response and competency. We can arrive around the clock within two hours, to make impacted areas safe in the shortest possible time. We liaise with emergency services and government bodies where necessary. Specialist PPE combined with advanced materials and technology enable our operators to resolve the situation thoroughly.

Whenever FM companies have a cleaning emergency, they can rely on React to stop it becoming a crisis. As first response cleaners, we’re on hand when only the specialists will do.

To find out more about React Specialist Cleaning and our emergency cleaning services for FM companies, contact one of the team today.

Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the CEO of React Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning, hygiene and decontamination. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sector.

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