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LaddersFree: national network, local window cleaning operatives

Our window cleaning specialist company, LaddersFree, works to the highest standards with local operatives operating in a national network

Window cleaning services delivered locally within a national network by LaddersFree, a part of the REACT Group of companies
LaddersFree provides one point of contact for a nationwide network of local window cleaners

We know that reliability is crucial when it comes to cleaning. It may be the certainty that contract cleaners will turn up when they’re expected. But it extends to being available to offer support in a crisis too. That’s why we concentrate on providing unfailingly excellent specialist cleaning services across the REACT Group. Whatever the service and wherever it’s delivered, we aim high but keep ourselves grounded. Our window cleaning specialist, LaddersFree, uses a model that delivers consistently high standards across the country. In this blog, we look at the advantages of a national window cleaning network delivered at local level.

National coverage, local delivery

What differentiates LaddersFree from its competitors is that they use local window cleaners, known internally as Members, who live and work in towns and cities across the UK. This separates LaddersFree from many of our competitors, many of whom limit their coverage to just England. In Wales, our window cleaners are in all major Welsh towns including Cardiff, Swansea Newport, and Bridgend in South Wales and in Bangor in North Wales. And in Scotland, there’s coverage for Glasgow, Edinburgh and other major cities and towns.

With such an extensive network of over 300 cleaning operatives nationwide, LaddersFree can offer a complete range of techniques and technologies on a nationwide scale. As the name suggests, the main focus is on water-fed poles, mobile platforms, abseil and rope access window cleaning. But LaddersFree provides traditional window cleaning, as well as other specialist cleaning services for gutters, cladding, signage, and fascias. Here’s why this approach is best for clients, for the environment, and for the cleaning operatives themselves.

Better for clients: one point of contact

With so many commercial window cleaners out there, customers can’t always be sure if they’re paying too much. By using our local operatives, who are already carrying out services to other sites and on different contracts in the same area, LaddersFree can ensure service at the right price. Customers get the benefits of a local service, with lower overheads due to reduced travel costs. And their fully insured operatives are already providing window cleaning to other businesses in the area.

Meanwhile, LaddersFree’s clients benefit from the efficiencies of using a nationwide service provider. Clients value having a single point of contact, with flexible payment options allowing for invoices at individual sites or a single invoice to a main office. For instance, this system accommodates retail groups that previously paid for window cleaning using petty cash without the need of an invoice from the window cleaner.

With LaddersFree clients also get consistent Health & Safety standards across all sites. They provide a copy of their Health & Safety manual, which sets out all relevant safety and environmental policies. In addition, there will be a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) available for all window cleaning methods. And together with relevant window cleaning guidelines, that all adds up to a guarantee of high-quality service.

Better for the environment: lower emissions, fewer nasties

As with many aspects of modern life, it’s important to be thinking of the environment when it comes to delivering window cleaning services. With local teams of local window cleaning operatives, LaddersFree cuts down on travel between jobs and can reduce its carbon emissions. What’s more, LaddersFree has made broader commitments to environmental protection. All the technologies and products they use throughout their services are environmentally friendly. For instance, water-fed poles use de-ionised, purified water, with no additional chemicals.

Better for cleaning operatives: supported to do their jobs

What about the window cleaners themselves? Well, the LaddersFree model provides central marketing support for its team of local window cleaning operatives. By having a national focus, LaddersFree can initiate client relationships that their window cleaning operatives can then go on to nurture. And it can provide cleaning operatives with valuable regular contract work. Whether its weekly, monthly, or quarterly window cleaning services, at a time that best suits the specific needs of your business.

Cleaning operatives benefit from the LaddersFree focus on health & safety and best practice. LaddersFree is SAFE contractor-approved and CHAS Accredited. This is especially important for operatives using mobile elevated platforms and rope access/ abseiling to deliver window cleaning. And as a Living Wage employer, LaddersFree commits to looking after its operatives’ best interests.

Contact one of the team today to find out more about our national network of window cleaning services delivered locally through LaddersFree (part of the REACT Group).

Post by Sam Haywood

Sam is Group Sales Director of REACT Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning going beyond the everyday. His focus is on delivering clients with excellent service whatever their cleaning challenges. Sam has a background working in facilities services and facilities management across hard, soft, and M&E services for national accounts and clients.


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