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We handle depot cleaning and office cleaning for FM companies

FM companies manage many different outsourced sites for their clients, and we can handle their depot cleaning and office cleaning needs.

depot cleaning and office cleaning by React Specialist Cleaning

Much of modern work life takes place online, and we’ve all got used to that being the case over the last year. But there are plenty of physical workplaces too. And even if a business conducts most of its sales online, it’ll usually need physical sites to conduct its logistics. For facilities management (FM) companies, there’s often a diverse portfolio of environments to keep clean. In the next of our occasional series of blogs on the FM cleaning services we deliver, we’re focusing on depot cleaning and attendant office cleaning services.

Developing services for changing times

Whether they’re in retail, storage/ distribution, or other areas of logistics, many businesses outsource management of sites to FM companies. In turn, it makes sense for FM companies to outsource their depot cleaning to specialist cleaning companies. Here at REACT, we’ve got the experience and expertise to keep depots clean, so that they meet health and safety standards and operate at peak efficiency.

With the lifting of many Covid-related restrictions across England this week, many workplaces will be changing their cleaning regimes. We can work with FM companies to establish regular and janitorial office cleaning protocols. As well as meeting health and safety requirements, it’s also about helping workers feel confident in their workspace. And of course, we’re available in emergencies too.

Depot cleaning inside and out maintains safety for staff and customers

We provide the highest standards of cleanliness in relation to all areas of workshops and depots. There are many different areas that need regular and ad hoc cleaning. Depot floors can become heavily soiled, notably with oil, engine fluids, and other spillages. We provide a comprehensive cleaning service for all depot and loading bay floors. These require specialist treatments to remove them, with proper disposal of waste for good environmental management. We’ll help to maintain air hygiene, which is of critical concern for many facilities managers at present. And we won’t overlook cleaning any public car parks, in order to maintain the company image and a safe working environment.

Many FM companies will be working on sites that handle substances governed by COSHH regulations (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). A spillage of any COSHH-controlled substance often requires a specialist response to handle the clean-up and remove the waste which this generates. These situations require the fastest levels of response and competency. We can arrive around the clock within two hours, to make impacted areas safe in the shortest possible time. We liaise with emergency services and government bodies where necessary. Specialist PPE combined with advanced materials and technology enables our operators to resolve the situation thoroughly.

Office cleaning, whether it’s the everyday or an emergency

Many sites which FM companies manage are themselves quite diverse. If there’s a depot to clean, there’s often an attendant office too. And cleaning these two different environments is a varied task. Here at REACT, we’re able to handle office cleaning as well as depot cleaning. From emptying waste and recycling bins, through to sanitising office equipment, we’re on hand to keep the office running smoothly and safely. Where possible, we can work outside regular office hours, so that our operatives don’t impact restrictions on numbers or jeopardise ongoing social distancing.

We can also provide emergency office cleaning, to deal with spillages, flood and sewage, or smoke damage. Whenever FM companies have a cleaning emergency, they can rely on REACT to stop it becoming a crisis. As first response cleaners, we’re on hand when only the specialists will do. We’re also available to carry out Covid-19 decontamination when necessary, with our robust four-step infection control methodology. We enable FM companies and their clients to return to safe and hygienic work environments as quickly as possible.

To find out more about REACT Specialist Cleaning and our range of depot cleaning and office cleaning services for FM companies, contact one of the team today.

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Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the CEO of REACT Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning, hygiene and decontamination. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sector.


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