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Why window cleaning is in safe hands with LaddersFree and the REACT Group

When it comes to window cleaning, gutter cleaning and cladding cleaning, we’ve got you covered as we move towards the summer months

Window cleaning, gutter cleaning and cladding cleaning from LaddersFree and the REACT Group of companies
With ‘Reach and Wash’ and other methods available, we deliver the best in window cleaning and more through LaddersFree

As we come into the summer months, footfall increases at many commercial premises. So you want them to be looking at their best for all those discerning customers. But you should also consider how severe winter weather may have affected the exterior of your building. This means that now’s the time to get your windows, gutters, and cladding clean. And you can do it all within the REACT Group of companies. REACT’s specialist cleaning company which offers these services is LaddersFree. In this blog, we give you a refresher on why they’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to window cleaning and more.

Expertise and coverage to meet your needs

With over 20 years of experience, LaddersFree has become one of the leading providers of commercial window cleaning services in the UK. Looking beyond windows, LaddersFree also provides cladding and gutter cleaning services, jet-washing, and the cleaning of signage, fascias, and solar panels.

The company has developed a network of highly qualified window cleaning operatives located across the UK (the National Network of Ladderless Window Cleaners). This network has more than 300 members located in all major towns and cities, providing a service with a high degree of reliability and great geographical coverage. With a 4.7-star average on Trustpilot, LaddersFree is one of the leading window cleaning service providers in the UK.

Window cleaning methods, old and new

Traditional methods of window cleaning have their drawbacks, particularly for taller buildings. Alternative ‘ladder-free’ window cleaning methods established themselves in the early 2000s, driven in part by new legislation (notably The Work at Height Directive 2005). Key among these is water-fed pole technology (otherwise known as ‘Reach and Wash’ Window Cleaning). Operated from the ground, this allows LaddersFree to clean windows at height and uses eco-friendly deionized water. Reach and Wash has become the preferred methodology for window cleaning services at a range of commercial premises, including schools, hotels, car dealerships, and nursing homes.

But where appropriate, LaddersFree can also provide other methods for cleaning windows, cladding, and gutters. That may be traditional window cleaning using a squeegee and blade at ground level, or using mobile elevated working platforms and window cleaning via abseiling/rope access. Regardless of the methodology used, LaddersFree provides the highest levels of reassurance to clients.

Where LaddersFree delivers

LaddersFree provides weekly window cleaning services at small, high street retail units, through to monthly services at car dealerships and nursing homes, or periodic services to large schools. Whatever the height, shape or size of a building, or its location, they’ll clean it thoroughly. Their teams of operatives have the knowledge, experience, and qualifications to carry out work safely, efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

LaddersFree operates in a range of sectors, including office, retail, hospitality, automotive, warehousing and retirement, with particular emphasis on the private sector. In retail, they clean the windows at high street shops, estate agents and beauty salons. Hospitality sector clients include restaurants, hotel groups, and leisure centres. And they also have contracts with schools, offices, nursing homes, GP surgeries and dental practices.

LaddersFree’s clients include Lidl, Next, Costa, Marriott, Holiday Inn Express and DPD. Today they service more than 3,000 commercial properties across the UK with contracts at independent, regional, and national level. Whether it’s window, gutter, or cladding cleaning on a contract or project basis, they can meet all our customers’ needs.

What sets LaddersFree apart

Within its cleaning network, LaddersFree clients have one point of contact and one invoice. What’s more, the company carries out due diligence on contractors, so our customers don’t have to. This includes getting references, ensuring operatives have the knowledge and understanding of health and safety legislation, and checking that they have adequate insurance. LaddersFree itself also carries an enhanced £20 million public liability insurance policy.

LaddersFree holds Safecontractor and Safe PQQ accreditations, which demonstrates the business performs well against key sustainability measures. These include financial stability, environmental and quality management, equality, modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, and GDPR. Reputable window cleaners operating locally means there’s less travel and more rapid 24/7 response times. Together with the efficiencies of being a nationwide provider, LaddersFree can maintain competitive prices.

For something that should be transparent, we know many of our clients have concerns around health, safety, and sustainability when it comes to window cleaning. So look out for our next blog, where we’ll answer some window cleaning FAQs.

To find out more about window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and cladding cleaning services from LaddersFree and the REACT Group of companies, contact one of the team today.

Post by Sam Haywood

Sam is Group Sales Director of REACT Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning going beyond the everyday. His focus is on delivering clients with excellent service whatever their cleaning challenges. Sam has a background working in facilities services and facilities management across hard, soft, and M&E services for national accounts and clients.


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