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With our employee assistance programme, we support our staff beyond the everyday

React Specialist Cleaning Employee Assistance Programme
We support our staff beyond the everyday

Here at React Specialist Cleaning, we recognise that our staff members are our most important assets. We invest in training them so that they have the skills and expertise to deal with specialist cleaning across the UK. We make sure that they stay fit and well, by being fully immunised. But we’re also aware that some of the more traumatic situations they face in work will impact on their mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we’ve signed up to an employee assistance programme (EAP) to effectively support our workers.

Dealing with sensitive situations can be traumatic

One of the most important aspects of our specialist cleaning service is dealing with trauma. That can be on the roadside or on the rail network, or it can be in a home or work environment. Some of the cleaning assignments we undertake are highly sensitive. And we know that dealing with the aftermath of accidents or fatality can in turn be traumatic for our staff.

To address this, our EAP provides advice and support 24/7 via a helpline. Our staff members can talk confidentially about anything they may have come across during a work assignment. For further support, staff can access eight free face-to-face sessions with a counsellor who can talk them through any issues or concerns they have. A translation service is available for those employees whose first language is a language other than English.

We’re also aware that staff can minimise the impact that dealing with successive traumas has on their wellbeing. They can often feel as if they’re desensitised to the situation, but may in fact be feeling high levels of stress nonetheless. That’s why we drive awareness of our EAP throughout the company, by distributing discreet credit-card sized leaflets with information about the service. We also put information posters up in a range of different languages to make the service as accessible as possible.

Home environments can be stressful too

But it’s not just for work situations that we offer help and support through our EAP. We want to support the mental health and wellbeing of our workers in the round. We know that what happens outside work can be highly stressful. Whether they suffer a bereavement or a relationship breakdown, they have financial concerns or are worried about family illness, we can help. We offer eight free face-to-face sessions for any given issue, whether or not it’s work-related.

We always make sure that our staff know that what happens in the EAP is completely confidential. It’s a key part of the success we’ve had in take-up of the EAP. Not only are we driven by the need for data protection under GDPR, but we meet the highest ethical standards in running the programme. Our HR department is aware of total usage of EAP services, but none of the details of the individuals or the issues they might have raised. The EAP really is centred on the needs of the individual.

An EAP that goes beyond the everyday

Our staff are extraordinary. On a daily basis, they demonstrate a commitment to the job in dealing with all sorts of difficult situations. We know that they play a vital role in our being able to provide excellent customer service. That’s why we are passionately committed in our turn to the EAP. We believe that the way we treat our staff members is one of the important ways that we go beyond the everyday in our specialist cleaning services.

To find out more about working for React Specialist Cleaning and how our EAP supports our staff members, contact the team today.

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Post by Lauren Scaife

Lauren is HR Administrator at React Specialist Cleaning. With her HR background, Lauren supports staff on a daily basis to ensure that they feel valued and rewarded. She is deeply committed to enhancing the role that human resources have in delivering excellent customer service.


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