REACT specialist cleaning services quickly responds to incidents on or near the road network. This includes;

  • Removing the eyesore and potential hazards of indiscriminate fly-tipping.

  • Clearing of rest areas and temporary campsites.

  • Rapid response to clear and make safe the aftermath of road traffic accidents (RTA’s).

  • Safe removal of hazardous and bio-hazardous waste.


The correct collection and disposal of hazardous waste are essential to protecting the public and the environment from health and safety risks. This includes biological material and materials that have come into contact or been infected with microbiological and pathological waste.


React is one of the very few firms with cleaning specialists trained in dealing with trauma on the road network, including cleaning in the aftermath of serious injury and fatalities.

Our team is well trained, medically fit, properly equipped, security cleared and fully inoculated.  We operate to industry-leading standards eg BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018 and ISO14001 for Environmental Management. We are a licenced waste carrier with a fully traceable waste disposal system

Where we do it

We work with local councils, Police Authorities, the Prison Service, the NHS, railway operators and facilities management firms on regular maintenance, call out, and project defined basis.

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Why use React?

Legislation and safety standards in this field of cleaning requires deep specialist knowledge.  React is an industry leader, providing these emergency services to a large proportion of the UK’s police authorities, railway and highways operators and property owners.

React Specialist Cleaning BS-EN-ISO 9001

Highly rated for speed and quality. BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018.

Security cleared and Properly equipped t

Security cleared, highly trained and fully equipped.

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£20 million of relevant insurance cover.

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Staff are medically fit and fully immunised.

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Licensed Waste Carrier

ISO14001 Environmental Management.

Roadside, fly-tipping and hazardous or biohazard cleaning services in detail below...

If you can't see the service you require, please call us on 01283 550 503.



Incidences of hazardous or bio-hazardous materials being exposed to staff or members of the public require the fastest levels of response and competency to minimise environmental impact and ensure public safety. 


We provide a specialist response of 2 hours, 24/7 to ensure the impacted areas are made safe in the shortest possible timescales, including liaison with emergency services and government bodies.



It is an unfortunate fact of life that people will attempt to dispose of unwanted items and materials illegally.  On the occasions they do so, we provide a fast and effective response to clear the affected areas 24/7, nationwide. 


React's experienced operators and waste carrier licences will ensure fast and effective disposal with complete compliance to health and safety and environmental legislation when removing and disposing of the items.


We can also provide comprehensive decontamination services to address any issues in the areas affected by illegal disposal of materials.

police emergency vehicle cleaning by Rea


Inevitably there are occasions when sadly, human fatalities occur. At these difficult times, REACT Specialist Cleaning has a team of highly trained, fully certified operators available across the UK 24/7.


Our team will provide a fast and respectful response in every situation. They will clean and decontaminate the location, while ensuring the body is handled and passed on with care, compassion and in accordance with the law.



React's experienced, fully vetted operatives are available nationwide to ensure public areas such as lay-bys and picnic spaces are kept clean on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis. 


Proactive and ad-hoc cleaning of these areas from litter and food waste not only ensures these locations remain both hygienic and visually appealing for members of the public to use, but also negates the likelihood of further costs being incurred through pest removal or drain clearance. 



In the event of private or public spaces becoming contaminated with used needles and syringes, it is vitally important to clear the area quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of tenants and members of the public. 


Our experienced operators are fully insured and vaccinated against all blood-borne viruses including HIV and hepatitis, using robust procedures to clear the affected area quickly and safely.

Once collected any sharps, needles and syringes will be disposed of in strict accordance with legislation including a certificate of disposal.



We are available 24/7/365 to provide a fast, effective and lasting solution if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from flooding or sewage ingress.


Using advanced technology and equipment, our operators will remove excess water or waste and dry the premises as quickly as possible.  Once dry, we will use leading-edge materials to clean and disinfect the affected areas thoroughly, enabling you to return to home or work as quickly as possible.