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Covid Decontamination

Covid decontamination in response to a confirmed positive case or as a preventative measure.

REACT's four-step methodology (test, clean, disinfect and test again) makes any space Covid-secure. We'll use the appropriate method of delivering disinfectant in each case, whether that's ULV fogging, spray and wipe, or whole-room misting. Our specialist cleaning teams are properly prepared and equipped to get the job done, whether we’re undertaking regular decontamination or providing first response cleaning support.

If your premises have been exposed to the Covid-19 coronavirus, then please contact us urgently for advice on the correct procedure to follow to prevent the disease from spreading.

REACT's team will arrive on-site following your instructions. They are trained to the highest standards and are security cleared. Our operatives will always act in a manner appropriate to working in or near public locations, and with discretion and respect.

The team lead will check and prepare sanitising equipment following the industry standards and will display warning signs near the area to be disinfected. We’ll make sure to complete risk assessments, COSHH assessments and method statements to be clear and transparent about what we’re doing.

The team will only enter a room once equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); as a minimum, this comprises Hazmat Cat 3 suit, A1P2 mask and two pairs of disposable gloves.

At REACT, we use superior products that identify the presence of infections such as coronavirus (Covid-19) and measure the correct usage levels of sanitising agents. We follow rigorous health and safety guidelines for all coronavirus cleaning processes, adhering to rules around colour-coding, specialist equipment, protective clothing, use of fluids and disinfection methods.

Our team will deploy ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging and pump spraying where appropriate, always following agreed procedures and manufacturers’ recommendations.

The most effective way to provide confidence that a property has been cleaned effectively is to test the surfaces for the presence of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an indicator molecule for the presence of biological residues. ATP testing is commonly used in the healthcare and food sectors. Our team use it before and after all deep cleaning

REACT is a licensed waste carrier, and we’ll dispose of any material contaminated with Covid-19, as well as all cleaning materials such as discarded single-use PPE, following strict government controls. The team lead will complete waste transfer notes or consignment notes depending on the waste which is generated and removed. Finally, we’ll get the work completion note signed by site staff, and where necessary, we’ll forward all appropriate paperwork to head office for processing.

Contact one of the team today for more information about our range of specialist cleaning and deep cleaning services which contribute to Covid-19 containment.

Covid Decontamination
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