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Data Room Cleaning

Data centre cleaning plays an important role in making sure that IT equipment operates safely.

One key consideration for FM companies to avoid IT failures is to ensure that computer and other hardware isn’t compromised by dust and dirt. Most FM companies and offices have a dedicated data centre, also known as a computer room or data room. These are simply locations where companies keep computing and networking equipment and servers.

Unclean conditions can lead to an equipment’s poor performance. Dirty surroundings can lead to a build-up of particles and dust in and around the equipment. To ensure health & safety of staff and the efficient use of computers and other equipment, it’s vital to eliminate dirt and dust. Keeping a data room clean can help optimise the equipment’s performance, as being in a dust-free environment can be crucial to a machine’s long-term performance. Removal of dust and overall hygiene also helps regulate a data room’s temperature. If there is too much dust clogging a piece of machinery, the build-up of particles can make it difficult to cool machines – and overheating machines can compromise equipment further.

It’s not easy to clean a data room thoroughly. REACT’s professional team knows how to clean the hard-to-reach spots which are susceptible to dust accumulation. Whether it’s surface cleaning or underfloor plenum cleaning, it’s vital to avoid clogged circuity. And cleaning of delicate equipment requires experience and proper training.

Our cleaners prevent contamination from building up in a data room, but they’re also responsible for not bringing contaminants into a room. We use PPE such as shoe covers and hairnets that can help avoid further contamination of sensitive locations.


Data rooms and server centres also need top-notch cooling systems to deal with the heat output of IT equipment which may be operating 24/7. We’ll ensure that ventilation systems are kept clean and fully functional. And beyond data rooms and server centres, we can also keep desktop IT equipment clean too. From keyboards and other peripherals through to screens and desktop units, we can perform regular janitorial cleaning as part of our general office cleaning service.

Data Room Cleaning
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