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IRATA-trained rope access cleaning

Our IRATA-trained teams deploy a tried-and-tested rope access system with an excellent safety record.

FM companies with portfolios of tall modern buildings need a reliable and safe solution to keep exteriors clean. Our IRATA-trained teams deploy a tried-and-tested rope access system that has an excellent safety record, which can meet all their cleaning needs.

IRATA has taken safe working at height around the world and seen general work procedures improved because of its influence. Its extensive use by major companies, administrations and governments who approve of its high standards has also raised the profile of IRATA work. IRATA has a continuously evolving regime of work procedures that members are required to follow. Like any other method for working at height, the application of rope access should be regarded as a complete system.

As well as member companies of the association, IRATA has a roster of training companies. These are monitored for compliance under IRATA’s Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS). Furthermore, the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICoP) gives recommendations and guidance on the use of rope access methods in order to provide a safe system of work.

Here at REACT, we have IRATA-trained teams who can take on rope access cleaning wherever it may be needed. For FM companies in buildings above a certain height, we’re on hand to provide thorough, safe and reliable cleaning services for the outside of their buildings. For each job, we’ll carefully plan and manage the task, using competent personnel and suitable equipment to provide an excellent finish to the exterior of the building.

IRATA-trained rope access cleaning
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