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Rail Depots and Stations

Beyond the public view, rail depots & stations need cleaning, often with specialist treatments.

Train stations experience significant footfall almost 24 hours a day, making cleaning a challenge. REACT provides scheduled nightly cleaning alongside daytime ad hoc services to clear hazards such as spillages, broken glass, and unsightly waste.

We positively influence passenger and staff experiences by removing litter, rubbish and ensuring areas are clean and free of dirt.

But it's not just public areas that need cleaning. We provide specialist treatments to remove oil and engine fluids in heavily soiled depots, maintenance pits and access platforms.

REACT's high-level and rope access teams are fully trained and can resolve cleaning projects in all depot and public station/platform environments.

Within stations, proximity to the line and OLE are critical considerations, meaning specialist knowledge and expertise are required. REACT are able to organise and manage possessions and isolations and utilize specialised equipment such as non-conductive towers and scaffold, non-conductive cleaning systems and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) to get the job done.

REACT is fully compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. We ensure that all work at height is properly planned and organised and that the team are competent to perform these duties.

We conduct a thorough risk assessment and ensure the correct deployment and use of specialist equipment, paying particular attention when working near fragile surfaces. We thoroughly inspect and maintain all equipment to the highest standards.

Rail Depots and Stations
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