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Train Carriage Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning inside and out, quickly returning rolling stock to service.

REACT are experts in providing a scheduled and thorough cleaning service for train carriages, returning them to service efficiently. Our experienced team use quality products and proven techniques to clean carriages inside and out.

Interior cleans remove any litter, disinfect surfaces, eliminate odours, and clean seats, floors and windows of dirt, fluids and food waste.

Exterior cleans resolve deficiencies that arise from carriage-wash machines. This human intervention ensures branding is clear and legible, and windows and lights are clear.

*​Turnaround Clean – when it's essential to get the unit back in service quickly, we can perform a rapid turnaround service – resolving critical issues, such as refuse collection and replacing bin bags.

*Daily Clean – At the end of a unit's service shift, we will conduct a regular clean. This includes thorough vacuuming, exchange of bin bags and litter-pick-up, and window cleaning.

*PHC (Planned/Periodic Heavy Clean) – Deep cleans form part of the scheduled/planned maintenance of a unit and can be conducted day and night.

*Return to New Clean – Years of heavy use can lead to a build-up of grime, internally and externally, in hard to reach places, Our team will aim to return the unit to an 'as new' level of cleanliness.

*Pre-acceptance cleans – this service delivers a thorough clean for new train units, after testing and before being accepted into service.

Train Carriage Cleaning
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