REACT has established an enviable reputation as specialists in the delivery of cleaning NHS environments to the highest standards. Our teams are well trained and qualified for work in all healthcare environments. They use premium products and innovative solutions to ensure all areas are truly clear of life-threatening drug-resistant bacteria.

Our quality and innovative approach can offer long-term cost savings to the NHS by negating, at source, the need for costly repeat visits to treat otherwise avoidable outbreaks. 

We are also a licensed waste carrier with a fully traceable waste disposal system.

Our clinical cleaning work typically falls into these categories;

  • Regular clinical contract cleaning, (day and night shifts).

  • Deep cleaning of clinical areas, from wards and consultation rooms to high-risk theatre areas.

  • Deep cleaning of other areas including kitchen facilities, restrooms and storage facilities.

  • Emergency cleaning, responding to urgent one-off requirements on a call-out basis.

  • Infection Control Service, a specialist cleaning and disinfection service aimed at successfully reducing the risk of infections, providing protection against Covid-19 (Coronavirus), MRSA, Swine Flu, C. difficile and Norovirus.

Where we do it

We work with NHS Trusts, private health providers and facilities management firms on regular maintenance, call out and/or a project defined basis.

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Why use React?

It is essential to understand the specific legal requirements and safety standards to perform services in clinical and healthcare environments. React is an industry leader, providing specialist cleaning services NHS Trusts across the UK.

React Specialist Cleaning BS-EN-ISO 9001

Highly rated for speed and quality. BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018.

Security cleared and Properly equipped t

Security cleared, highly trained and fully equipped.

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£20 million of relevant insurance cover.

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Staff are medically fit and fully immunised.

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Licensed Waste Carrier

ISO14001 Environmental Management.

hospital and clinical hygiene services in detail below...

If you can't see the service you require, please call us on 01283 550 503.



We have extensive experience of cleaning all environments within a hospital or GP surgery including:

•    Operating theatres

•    Endoscopy

•    Waiting rooms

•    Scanning rooms

•    General Wards

•    Toilets and washrooms

•    Public areas and corridors

•    Physiotherapy areas


Our team are trained to the highest standard and always use appropriate PPE. We ensure exhaustive instruction in the safe disposal of all types of clinical waste including general waste, bodily fluids, human waste and sharps.

Blood filled medical syringes on yellow


With extensive experience across the healthcare sector, we provide robust and reliable removal services for clinical waste and sharps disposal.


As licensed waste carriers, we can provide expert guidance on the optimal approach to ensure compliance with legislation and customised solutions, including scheduled or ad-hoc collections in dedicated specialist containers.


We provide flexible, high-quality nightly cleaning of businesses to ensure a clean, productive and professional working area is maintained at all times. 


Dedicated and fully vetted staff will ensure all public areas are clean and presentable to both staff and visitors at the start of the working day.  Specialist cleaning materials and devices are available including floor polishing and steam cleaning of carpeted areas.



From time to time it is inevitable that there will be a requirement to undertake a thorough deep clean of premises beyond regular scheduled or ad-hoc sessions.


React's experienced operatives are available across the country to undertake essential deep cleaning in any healthcare environment or location. 


We use the latest products and technologies to ensure all areas and cavities are clean of both visible and invisible contaminants.


Our team are trained to undertake effective cleaning of areas in hard to reach places at height such as ducting, suspended ceilings or reception areas.

REACT is fully compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. We ensure that all work at height is properly planned and organised and that the team are competent to perform these duties.

We conduct a thorough risk assessment and ensure the correct deployment and use of specialist equipment, paying particular attention when working near fragile surfaces. We thoroughly inspect and maintain all equipment to the highest standards.