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As weather becomes more extreme, look to our flood damage and sewage cleanup service

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Flood and sewage damage cleanup by React Specialist Cleaning
React Specialist Cleaning is on hand to clean up.

In a country surrounded by water and where it rains all too frequently, many people in the UK discount the possibility of being inundated. Perversely, parts of the UK are in danger of suffering from drought. But flooding and sewage damage are some of the most extreme experiences that any property can fall foul of. However well insured your home or your business, it’s never something that you want to have to claim for. Unfortunately, flooding events are forecast to become more frequent in coming years and decades. Luckily, React Specialist Cleaning is on hand to help with the clean-up.

Homes and businesses at increasing risk of flooding

Around 5 million people live in flood risk areas in England and Wales. One in six homes in England is at risk of flooding. Even away from the coast, lakes or rivers, localised extreme weather and flash flooding are an increasing problem. In densely populated parts of the country, there has been a tendency to build on parcels of land that may be at higher risk of flooding.

And the risks are only likely to rise. According to climatologists, extreme weather is becoming ever more frequent - and ever more devastating. This was illustrated by a decision from the UK Met Office and their Irish counterpart Met Éireann a few years ago. They started naming winter storms; it was an effort to raise greater awareness of storms and ensure public safety. The first such storm to be named was Storm Abigail in November 2015.

Putting up the flood barriers only goes so far

Every year, the UK spends £4.4 billion on flood defence, yet even that cannot eliminate the risks of flooding or sewage leaks affecting property. Yet the very infrastructure that is built to protect us is under threat too. Over the summer there was a high-profile, ongoing threat of flooding due to the potential collapse of the reservoir dam above Whaley Bridge. Even though that threat was (thankfully) averted and the dam stayed intact, it put in stark relief the risks which many communities across the UK face.

Indeed, statistically, UK houses are more likely to be flooded than burgled. Annual flood damage costs are in the region of £1.1 billion across England. But it’s not always extreme weather which can cause flood damage or problems with sewage. Blocked and broken pipework, faulty flushing systems, or cracked plasterwork can cause severe damage too.

Once the waters subside, the cleanup can begin

If property is subject to flooding from whatever cause, then urgent action needs to be taken. Of course water damage can be unsightly, especially on soft furnishings. But it also poses a potential risk to health, especially if there is raw or untreated sewage in the water.

One way of limiting that damage in individual properties is to clean up quickly and thoroughly. We are available every day of the year to provide a fast and effective solution to flooding or sewage ingress. Our priority will always be to remove excess water and/or waste, to minimise the time that property spends underwater. Using advanced technology and equipment, our operators will dry the premises as quickly as possible.

Once dry, we will use leading-edge materials to clean and disinfect the affected areas thoroughly. We’ll make every effort to save as much property as possible. And we’ll enable our clients to return to safe and hygienic homes or work environments as quickly as possible.

As the likelihood of extreme weather events across the UK increases, more people will have to deal with the effects on their lives. We form part of the solution to limit those effects for householders and business owners alike.

Contact one of the React team today to discuss our flood damage and sewage cleanup services.

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Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the Managing Director of React Specialist Cleaning. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sectors.


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