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Client Testimonial: Britannia Services Group and REACT Group’s Collaborative Success

At the REACT Group, we strive to provide exemplary services to our clients and collaborators alike, so it’s always gratifying to receive some positive feedback. We're thrilled to share this glowing testimonial from a client that is relatively new to REACT:  Britannia Services Group. In the video, Richard Grinham, Commercial Director, Britannia Group, highlights the strong and effective partnership we've built together. Watch now to learn more about Britannia’s experience of working with REACT.

A legacy of success

Britannia Services Group, a leader in retail, industrial, public sector, and commercial cleaning across the UK, has a long history of successful collaborations. Founded over 35 years ago, they deliver tailored cleaning services to blue-chip clients. Fifteen years ago, they partnered with LaddersFree, trusting them to supply their window cleaning requirements and in so doing, securing a nationwide multi-million-pound deal that remains strong today.

A New Chapter with REACT

In early 2021, Britannia was introduced to REACT through LaddersFree. Facing a new national large scale out of hours front-of-house deep cleaning project with a large UK retail chain, Britannia & REACT collaborated & quickly developed and executed a plan to tackle the project safely, competitively & professionally. This resulted in a successful rollout & delivery of the project which resulted in the work repeating in subsequent years. Since this, REACT have worked with Britannia providing them with nationwide specialist cleaning services including high-level cleaning, decontamination & hazardous cleaning, pressure washing, deep cleaning, hazardous waste removal & many more.

Reliable service delivery

Britannia values our commitment to reliable communication and rapid problem-solving, noting that over three years, they have always been able to speak to the team and quickly receive support / a solution for the requirement which needs to be addressed. Richard comments:

"REACT gets the basics right. The staff answer the phone first time and tackle the issue quickly. And my team has never had a call unanswered in three years."

A partnership built on trust and transparency

Our collaboration with Britannia is rooted in honesty and realistic expectations, which are values that form part of REACT’s DNA. The fact that we assess a situation before saying “yes” to the work is something that Richard and his team really appreciates: 

"They have a huge level of experience in the teams that they send to jobs, who go the extra mile. They're also very honest, highlighting the reality of the situation and what can be realistically achieved."

Once we have the go-ahead, it’s REACT’s speed of response and capability which have won Britannia’s praise, as has the provision of job cards, which are vital in today’s fast-paced FM environments.

Beyond everyday cleaning

At REACT, we pride ourselves on delivering cleaning solutions that go beyond the everyday. Our expertise spans a breadth of very different sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, travel, education and commerce. We tackle the toughest cleaning challenges with specialised knowledge and state-of-the-art processes (or “all the bells and whistles,” as Richard puts it), ensuring compliance with all safety standards and legislation. What’s more, we operate 24/7, 366 days a year - even on bank holidays - to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, even when unforeseen incidents occur. 

A sparkling future together

Britannia's experience with REACT underscores the importance of having the right people on your side. 

"In commercial terms, [REACT is] very open and honest about cost and will genuinely help Britannia and our clients drive value," says Richard. "People buy people" - and REACT boasts some of the best in the industry.

We're proud to support Britannia and look forward to continuing our partnership, driving success for their clients across the UK.

Watch the video testimonial to learn more about how REACT and Britannia Services Group work together to achieve excellence in cleaning services.


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