Emergency cleaning in a flash

Emergency cleaning from React Specialist Cleaning

React Specialist Cleaning is the extreme cleaning company that goes beyond the everyday to tackle cleaning problems with which non-specialists simply can’t cope. Among our comprehensive cleaning services, we provide an immediate response to urgent situations. This includes resolving traffic accidents (RTA), railway trackside emergencies, flood & sewage damage and decontamination of property & public spaces.

Safe, hygienic and usable

Our team will return your site to a safe, hygienic and usable state, quickly eliminating health hazards, removing waste, including body fluids and raw sewage. Where appropriate we deliver React’s unique Infection Control Service, to protect against diseases including MRSA, Swine Flu, C.difficile, E.coli and Norovirus.

We work with public and private clients across all sectors

Relevant to all industries, the emergency team at React is regularly called to deal with emergencies on UK Highways, rail and transport systems, in the police and prison service, hotels and residential landlords, facilities management firms, local councils and healthcare organisations.

Legislation and safety standards in this field of cleaning require in-depth specialist knowledge.

The React Specialist Cleaning team is available 24/7.

Office hours: 01283 550 503

Out of hours: 08707 510 422

Find out about how we can help you tackle the cleaning problems that need specialist knowledge and expertise. We work directly with clients and also as subcontractors for facilities management organisations who don’t have our skill sets in-house.

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React Specialist Cleaning

We are the extreme cleaning company that goes beyond the everyday to tackle cleaning problems that non-specialists just can’t cope with. From hotels to prisons, crime scenes to cruise ships, public spaces to private hospitals, we do what others can’t do – going beyond cleaning.

  • Office hours: 01283 550 503

  • Email: info@reactsc.co.uk

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