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Why innovation matters at REACT

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The last two years, more than any in recent memory, have shown how quickly and drastically the world around us can change. As a specialist cleaning company serving customers with rapidly evolving needs and priorities, we can’t afford to stand still either: it’s vital that we keep finding the most efficient, effective and environmentally friendly methods of delivering our services.

Innovation is something that strongly influences REACT’s people and the tools they use. Our expert team is trained to the highest standards, using the latest fully researched techniques – and the cleaning products and technologies they use must always meet the same standards if we’re to get the best results.

What we can achieve through innovation

REACT’s ongoing innovation mission serves more than one purpose…

Effectiveness: We strive to get the best results for our customers, and the latest methods allow us to do that. Take coronavirus deep cleaning as an example: rather than rely on general decontamination techniques, we’ve developed specialist processes that are proven to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus responsible for Covid-19), meaning our customers can operate with confidence.

Efficiency: We’re always looking for ways to clean faster and more cost-effectively, but we’ll never compromise on quality. By paying close attention to developments in cleaning technologies – and adopting new methods when appropriate - we can keep giving our customers the best deals while minimising disruption.

Environmental impact: As a cleaning business we are in a prime position to act on climate change. Using and discarding products will always be a part of our industry, but as a forward-thinking, innovation-focused company, we can take steps to minimise our impact on the planet. One of the ways we do that is by choosing the most environmentally friendly products on the market.

Employee and public wellness: It’s also in the nature of what we do to use various chemicals, and the impact these chemicals have or can have on the health and wellbeing of our staff, our clients’ staff and members of the public is something we take extremely seriously. This is another major factor in our innovation mission, and one that strongly influences all our decisions around new products and methods.

How we’re innovating right now

As deep cleaning and decontamination specialists, we keep a close eye on industry developments and review the detail of every innovation that enters the market. If there’s a new, better way of doing what we do, we want to know about it. We won’t just take the label’s word for it, either – we consider independent research for every prospective product to be sure our choices support those goals above: effectiveness, efficiency, minimising our environmental impact and keeping people safe.

With that in mind, we’re currently trialling a new range of cleaning products from established cleaning supplies provider Jangro.

Jangro describes the ntrl (pronounced ‘natural’) range as “The next generation of cleaning products with the environment in mind” and says it “uses technology based on biology to deliver next level performance, improving our lives and the health of our planet.”

Among the range’s eco boasts are sustainable production processes, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and vegan-friendliness. Jangro’s ntrl products are also made here in the UK, further reducing our supply chain’s carbon footprint.

All this fits REACT’s ethos perfectly, so we’re excited to see what these latest innovations can do for us and our customers.


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