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Why train operating companies choose us for planned heavy cleaning

Our planned heavy cleaning service allows train operating companies to satisfy both rolling stock leasing companies and passengers.

Train operating companies choose REACT for planned heavy cleaning
Looking after leased rolling stock is a key driver in the long-term financial viability of UK train operating companies.

Just as prevention is better than cure in human health, regular maintenance is better than emergency repair when it comes to equipment. Not only does this make for more reliable operations, but it can also be a fundamental way to protect assets. Looking after leased rolling stock is a key driver in long-term financial viability for UK train operating companies (TOCs). But maintenance must be carefully planned to be most effective, otherwise it could be disruptive to everyday business. And as part of this maintenance schedule, TOCs must look to maintain the highest hygiene standards. In this blog, we’re focusing on how we help TOCs with planned heavy cleaning and return to new cleaning that delivers long-term results.

You’re planning to succeed when you plan to clean

REACT has a wealth of expertise in providing a scheduled and thorough cleaning service for train carriages. Of course, we recognise the constraints that most TOCs face regarding rolling stock. Rolling stock leasing companies own most train carriages on the UK railways. This means that TOCs have contractual obligations towards these companies – as well as needing to maintain high levels of service for their passengers.

For our TOC clients, there are two crucial areas where our scheduled cleaning services help most. First, there’s the periodic planned heavy clean (PHC). This is a deep cleaning service that forms part of the scheduled maintenance of a unit, and we can conduct these cleans day and night. Secondly, we offer a ‘Return to New' cleaning service, which is most useful when TOCs are about to return leased rolling stock to the owners. Years of heavy use can lead to a build-up of grime, both internally and externally, and especially in hard to reach places. Our team will aim to return the unit to an 'as new' level of cleanliness.

REACT gets rid of built-up grime, both inside and out

Our experienced team uses quality products and proven techniques to clean carriages inside and out. For a PHC, our focus on the interior of carriages will be eliminating odours, and cleaning seats, floors and windows of dirt, fluids, and food waste. We’ll go beyond the everyday, where the focus is more on high-touch areas and surfaces. We’ll make sure to clean in the hardest to reach areas around seats and toilet facilities as part of our efforts towards standards recovery.

Meanwhile, exterior cleans focus on resolving deficiencies that arise from carriage-wash machines. This human intervention ensures safety first. We enhance visibility for drivers by keeping windows clean, and we make exterior safety lighting more effective. Keeping the exterior of carriages clean also means that branding is clear and legible. We use appropriate methods to clean exterior carriage surfaces, whether they’re painted or feature high-performance self-adhesive films and printed graphics.

Planned heavy cleaning that keeps passengers happy

Of course, TOCs have other stakeholders who are interested in cleanliness. By ensuring consistent and reliable cleaning, we deliver safe, hygienic, and pleasant environments for passengers. Now more than ever, clean trains are a top priority for passengers across the network. Making sure that PHC is part of their regular maintenance schedule will help TOCs deliver the standards that passengers demand. Maintaining high cleaning standards enhances the reputation of TOCs. But most importantly, it increases the likelihood that passengers will travel using their services again and again.

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To find out more about REACT Specialist Cleaning and our range of rail cleaning services including planned heavy cleaning, contact one of the team today.

Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the CEO of REACT Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning, hygiene, and decontamination. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sector.


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