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Protecting our specialist cleaning staff


REACT is the extreme cleaning company that goes beyond the everyday to tackle cleaning problems that non-specialists just can’t cope with.


From hotels to prisons, crime scenes to cruise ships, public spaces to private hospitals, we do what others can’t do – going beyond everyday cleaning to deliver a specialist service whatever the challenge.

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Specialist Cleaning


REACT is an industry leader in the provision of specialist cleaning. Legislation and safety standards in each sector require deep specialist knowledge of the most appropriate materials and processes.


Our professional cleaning services are designed to suit the specific needs of varied industries. From hospitality to custody, healthcare to travel, and education to commerce, we do what others can’t do – going beyond cleaning.


Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in specialist cleaning and pathogen disinfection.

REACT's resources section includes sector-specific processes and cleaning treatments, latest news, and updates from our expert team.

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REACT Group Plc was formed in 2015 and was born out of REACT Specialist Cleaning, which was part of Autoclenz Limited, which has been trading successfully for over 20 years.

The company was established to offer a wide range of services building on the cleaning expertise, broadening into workplace environment and occupational hygiene services.


We have a can-do approach, a diverse range of services and we start where others stop.

React Group PLC
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