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Fly-tipping, a growing monster in the midst of coronavirus

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

fly tipping clearance service from React Specialist Cleaning
Fly-tipping has hugely increased during lockdown, but the React team is on hand to sort it out

We’re all getting used to a different lifestyle during the coronavirus lockdown. As we’re told to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives, we’re spending time looking at the four walls of our houses. With time on their hands, many people are clearing out junk, tidying gardens or undertaking long-delayed DIY projects. But this has had unintended consequences. In this blog, we’re going to be looking at what lockdown means for waste around the UK – and how React’s fly tipping clearance service can help.

Increased incidence of fly tipping during coronavirus lockdown

We’ve talked in our blog before about how regulated the system of waste and recycling is in the UK. It relies crucially on local councils organising regular collections. Even in lockdown, many councils are maintaining household rubbish and recycling collections as usual. But most councils have suspended any service to remove large or bulky items. And most facilities where households and businesses can drop off recycling and waste are closed to the public, to reduce risks in places where social distancing may be difficult to enforce. All these actions have together caused a surge in reports of illegal dumping of waste, commonly known as fly tipping.

Earlier this month, the District Councils’ Network released a warning regarding a forthcoming ‘wave of waste’. Indeed, in some places in England the amount of illegally dumped waste has reportedly more than tripled. This comes despite warnings that people who do so will face increased fines or even jail time. The BBC has also reported that fly tipping reports have increased 88% in Wales since the lockdown started. And more anecdotally, but even more worrying for public safety, we’ve heard multiple reports from London residents of discarded masks on pavements and green spaces across the capital.

How React delivers a top-notch fly tipping clearance service

With our expertise in dealing with all types of waste, including biohazards, we can react quickly to remove any fly tipped waste and reassure the public that their safety is being protected. We provide a nationwide fly tipping clearance service, and we’re available around the clock. Our team are well trained, medically fit, properly equipped, and fully inoculated. We operate to industry-leading standards, including BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018 and ISO14001 for Environmental Management. We can also provide comprehensive decontamination services to address any issues in the areas affected by illegal disposal of hazardous materials.

One particular problem is that waste attracts more waste, as fly tippers can spontaneously create illegal dumping sites. Seemingly, waste is less easily identifiable when it’s part of a larger illegal dump. That’s where the React fly tipping clearance service comes into its own. We can address the issue early on and prevent sites from being overrun with waste. Right now, of course, many people are particularly concerned about biohazardous material. Fly tipped waste may have come into contact with or been infected by coronavirus or other pathogens. Removing such waste safely is all part of our suite of services that protect the public and the environment from health and safety risks.

Think carefully about creating waste during coronavirus lockdown

We must all take responsibility for our own waste, which is particularly important at this time of reduced household rubbish and recycling collections. Think about storing any waste generated by tidying, spring cleaning or DIY projects until lockdown is lifted. Where possible, compost any garden waste. Always tear or cut up cardboard boxes to fit in recycling bins.

If you do spot a new fly tipping site or an increased amount of waste on an existing site, then report it to your local council. We can work with local councils and private landlords to clear fly tipping sites quickly and effectively. With our fly tipping clearance service and individual actions, together we’ll limit that ‘wave of waste’.

To find out more about our fly tipping clearance service, contact us today.

Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the Managing Director of React Specialist Cleaning. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sector.


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