Protecting our specialist cleaning staff


REACT's highly training team of specialist cleanings will deliver your regular day-to-day cleaning needs under contract, as well as ad-hoc cleaning to resolve a sudden emergency.

Using our services is a guarantee of a job well done and quickly executed. It safeguards your organisation’s reputation, bringing peace of mind that comes from knowing the health and well-being of your staff, clients and their customers are in safe hands.

Find out about how we can help you tackle the cleaning problems that need specialist knowledge and expertise.


We work directly with clients and also as sub-contractors for facilities management organisations.

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REACT's Infection Control Service is a specialist cleaning and disinfection package aimed at successfully reducing the risk of infection such as SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19 Coronavirus), MRSA, Swine Flu, C. difficile and Norovirus.

Key features of the service
  1. Rapid response 24/7/365.

  2. Secure the area, protecting staff and public.

  3. Test for contaminates pre- and post-clean.

  4. Deploy BS EN 1276 chemical cleaners.

  5. Superior quality PPE.

  6. Clean and thoroughly disinfect.

  7. Licensed to remove hazardous waste.

Trains & Trackside

REACT cleans and maintains rail transport infrastructure, cleaning facilities that require reliable standards of good public hygiene in areas with high levels of traffic. All staff are PTS qualified.

Emergency Cleaning

Rapid response to urgent situations, such as trauma, road traffic accidents (RTA), railway trackside emergencies, flood & sewage damage and decontamination of public spaces.

Void Property Clearances

REACT offers full property clearance, decontamination and cleaning, waste removal including needles and sharps, vermin management, bird deterrents and removal of pigeon guano.

Education Sector Cleaning

REACT provides specialist university and college cleaning services, working with UK institutions, and helping them to reopen and stay open. Our infection control cleaning is of particular importance.

Roadside & Hazardous Waste

REACT will remove the eyesore and potential risks of fly-tipping, cleaning and decontaminating roadside rest areas, including hazardous and biohazard waste removal.

Custodial Cleaning

REACT's teams are hugely experienced in providing specialist cleaning of custodial facilities, including police and prison cells, washrooms, toilets and custodial vehicles.

Hospital & Clinical Hygiene

REACT Specialist Cleaning provides regular clinical contract cleaning for NHS Trusts, as well as emergency cleaning, on a call-out basis and Infection Control Services.

Facilities Management

REACT works with leading FM companies providing services inc. infection control cleaning, high-level and ductwork cleans, graffiti and sharps removal, and property decontaminations to name a few.

Ventilation System Cleaning

Our team are fully qualified and experienced in providing exceptional Air Hygiene, Fire Damper Testing and Ductwork Cleaning across all industry and commercial sectors.



From police stations and hospitals to train stations and social housing, we clean everywhere. Whatever sector you are in REACT Specialist Cleaning will provide a high-quality, professional and thorough cleaning job for your site.

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