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What we do

React Specialist Cleaning services provides expertise and equipment to clean and maintain important parts of rail transport infrastructure in the UK, cleaning facilities that require reliable standards of good public hygiene in areas with high levels of traffic.

  • Platforms and public access areas.

  • Maintenance facilities.

  • Trains.

  • Trackside.


Within this category React will also remove graffiti and other anti-social contamination such as chewing gum, needles and sharps.

Our cleaning specialists that work trackside are all Personal Track Safety qualified (PTS).


React is one of the very few firms with cleaning specialists trained and experienced in dealing with trauma on the rail network, including dealing with the aftermath of both human and animal fatalities. 

Where we do it

We work with operators of trains, platforms, maintenance yards and the wider network. Our services are available on both a regular maintenance, and project-defined basis.

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Why use React?

Legislation and safety standards in this field of cleaning requires deep specialist knowledge.  React is an industry leader, providing these emergency services to a large proportion of the UK’s police authorities, railway and highways operators and property owners.


Highly rated for speed and quality of delivery

BS-EN-ISO 9001:2018.

Security cleared and Properly equipped to industry standards.

We carry £20 million of relevant insurance cover.

All our staff are medically fit and fully immunised.

Licensed Waste Carrier.

ISO14001 Environmental Management.

Trains & trackside cleaning services in detail below...

If you can't see the service you require, please call us on 01283 550 503.




We support the ongoing maintenance of the railway infrastructure, and health and safety of trackside workers by making contaminated areas safe.


Our operatives are trained to the highest standards, using our extensive experience and innovative procedures to make affected areas safe for humans and wildlife alike. 


As a licensed waste carrier, we ensure that any material we remove is disposed of in accordance with leading standards, returning the area to its natural state as quickly as possible.


Train stations are amongst the busiest environments experiencing significant footfall almost 24 hours a day.  React Specialist Cleaning provides scheduled nightly cleaning alongside ad-hoc services to ensure that all areas are clear from hazards such as spillages, broken glass and unsightly waste such as urine and vomit.


We positively influence passenger and staff experiences by removal of litter, rubbish and ensuring areas are clean and free of dirt.



We are experts in providing an efficient cleaning service for train carriages, ensuring they are ready for service when needed.  We offer both scheduled, and ad-hoc cleaning 24/7. Our experienced team use quality products and proven techniques to clean both the exterior and interior of train carriages.

Exterior cleans ensure maximum brand positioning and, more importantly, excellent visibility for both passengers and drivers; lights are undimmed and hard touch points such as door handles, and buttons are clean to touch.

Interior cleans remove any litter, disinfect surfaces, eliminate odours and clean seats, floors and windows of dirt, fluids and food waste.

By ensuring consistent and reliable cleaning, we deliver safe, hygienic and pleasant environments for passengers while enhancing the reputation of train operators.



Not only can graffiti look unsightly it can often be offensive and require urgent removal.  If your building or premises are subject to vandalism or graffiti, we provide a fast and effective response to treat and remove the affected areas. 


Our experienced fully vetted operatives are on hand at short notice 24/7 and equipped with the latest materials and tools to return the surfaces to their normal condition, ensuring minimal disruption and adherence to legislation.




Inevitably there are occasions when sadly, animal or human fatalities occur. At these difficult times, React Specialist Cleaning has a team of highly trained, fully certified operators available across the UK 24/7.


Our team will provide a fast and respectful response in every situation. They will clean and decontaminate the location, while ensuring the body is handled and passed on with care, compassion and in accordance with the law.




In the event of private or public spaces becoming contaminated with used needles and syringes it is vitally important to clear the area quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of tenants and members of the public. 


Our experienced operators are fully insured and vaccinated against all blood-borne viruses including HIV and hepatitis, using robust procedures to clear the affected area quickly and safely.

Once collected any sharps, needles and syringes will be disposed of in strict accordance to legislation including a certificate of disposal.

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