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9 specialist FM company cleaning services to meet every need

With a range of specialist cleaning services that go beyond the everyday, REACT can meet every FM company cleaning need.

REACT offers range of specialist cleaning services for FM companies
Our message to FM companies is clear: you manage facilities, we clean them.

Facilities management (FM) companies operate across the UK economy. Given the range of sectors they operate in, there’s a spectrum of cleaning services that they need. And given their business models, it makes sense for them to outsource to cleaning specialists. REACT's fully vetted FM company cleaning teams are available 24/7, on a contract or ad hoc basis. Whatever the task, we offer value-for-money and proven expertise. In this blog, we run through nine of the main FM company cleaning services we provide that go beyond the everyday. Our message to FM companies is clear: you manage facilities, we clean them.

1. Atex explosive environment cleaning

The importance of Atex explosive environment cleaning is sometimes overlooked. Yet a build-up of combustible dust has the potential to cause fatal explosions. REACT's highly trained, specialist Atex cleaning teams wear anti-static clothing to comply with regulations. All the equipment for use in explosive atmospheres is Zone Rated and Atex-approved, whether that’s pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, or air-powered jet washers.

2. Depot and warehouse cleaning

REACT provides the highest standards of cleanliness for all areas of depots, warehouses, and loading bays. There are many different areas that need regular and ad hoc cleaning. Depot floors need specialist treatment for heavy soiling, notably with oil, engine fluids, and other spillages. And we won’t overlook cleaning public car parks, to maintain the company image and a safe working environment.

3. High-level cleaning and IRATA rope access

Many commercial and industrial buildings have high ceilings, which means there are interior walls and corners that are difficult to clean. And on the exterior of those same buildings, guttering can be equally awkward to keep clean. REACT has the expertise to work at height using elevating work platforms and other suitable equipment. We also have specialist IRATA-trained operatives for rope access cleaning of taller buildings, deploying a tried-and-tested rope access system that has an excellent safety record.

4. Floor and carpet cleaning

REACT provides an array of specialist carpet and floor cleaning services. We can work on a localised area or an entire floor space, and we offer a regular scheduled clean or response to spillages. For carpets, we focus on three cleaning methods: hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning), foam encapsulation, and dry cleaning (compound cleaning). We'll adopt the system that's right for our clients; for instance, we'd recommend compound cleaning for commercial spaces that need to operate 24/7, as disruption during cleaning is minimal.

5. Data room cleaning

FM companies must avoid IT failures and ensure computer and other hardware isn’t compromised by dust and dirt, especially in data rooms. REACT’s professional team knows how to clean the hard-to-reach spots which are susceptible to dust accumulation. Whether it’s surface cleaning or underfloor plenum cleaning, it’s vital to avoid clogged circuity. Our cleaners prevent contamination from building up in a data room. They’re also responsible for not bringing contaminants into a room by using the correct PPE.

6. Emergency cleaning: fire, flood, spillage

From time to time, commercial and residential premises may be damaged by catastrophic events. Whether that’s fire and smoke, flood, or sewage spillage, it’s essential to act fast. REACT provides deep cleaning in all properties affected by such issues. When dealing with fire and smoke damage, we tackle trapped soot and odours, as well as water and chemical damage from firefighting. And our teams are available to provide a fast and effective flood & sewage clear up service too. Having dried out the premises, we use leading-edge materials to clean and disinfect affected areas, and we’ll save furniture and fittings where possible.

7. Vermin management

Vermin take advantage of empty properties to find shelter, especially in the winter months. Even small amounts of food left in a property can attract rodents and insects through vulnerable entry points, while birds can also take up residence. Pigeon guano and other bird droppings harm human health and are corrosive. REACT's void property clearance service can deal with the results of any infestation. And we can also provide solutions to prevent birdlife from congregating in high numbers on buildings, avoiding a future build-up of bird droppings.

8. Anti-social behaviour cleaning: graffiti, drugs

Not only can graffiti be unsightly and offensive, but it can also lead to further anti-social behaviours, be that further tagging or vandalism. On occasion, spaces can also become contaminated with drug paraphernalia such as used needles and syringes. REACT provides a fast and effective response to treat affected areas. We use the latest materials to tackle graffiti, and we can advise on anti-graffiti measures, such as glazes and sacrificial coatings. And when dealing with sharps, we use robust procedures to dispose of needles and syringes in strict accordance with legislation.

9. Infection control cleaning

REACT's Infection Control Service is a specialist cleaning and disinfection package aimed at successfully reducing the risk of infections. We provide protection against the UK's most common and serious pathogens, notably Covid-19 (SARS-CoV2 coronavirus), MRSA, Swine Flu, C. difficile and Norovirus. Our four-step process is robust: we test, clean, disinfect, test again. REACT is a licensed waste carrier, and we’ll dispose of any contaminated materials, including cleaning materials and discarded PPE.

To find out more about REACT Specialist Cleaning and our range of FM company cleaning services, contact one of the team today.

Post by Shaun D. Doak

Shaun is the CEO of REACT Group plc., a business dedicated to specialist cleaning, hygiene, and decontamination. He is deeply committed to making sure that every one of our company’s clients receives the highest possible level of service. An expert in HVAC and commercial and industrial cleaning methodologies, Shaun has extensive experience in the facilities management and renewable services sector.


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